Today, your business depends on digital assets, resources and connections

Ampati takes care of digital continuity of your employee workplace. Both at the office and home office.

Time Efficient Workplace Management

Laptops stay up to date, secure and reliable

Peripherals stay connected and updated with the latest drivers

Pay per user with the service of more than one device

More devices per user, like tablets, are serviced

The services of Ampati even gives you more free time for your hobbies

This supported workplace can be in your office or a home of an employee


All correspondence, like invoices and tickets, all clearly stored in one place

You want your IT working

Your company and your employees cannot do without a working network, a good computer and telephone. Nowadays there are also so-called smart devices that provide many useful automations, but in turn also depend on well-functioning IT services.

Well-functioning IT services is the basis of efficient business operations. To do this, you first purchase good hardware, ensure that your network is reliable and that your service provider ensures a fast and stable line.

Minimise downtime in IT

You want to minimise the time your employee spends on defects in connections, software or hardware. An employee who has to wait hours to a day for the resources for their workplace to be available again is annoying, but the sum of valuable hours that your employees spend on non-functioning IT services are often shocking.

That is why Ampati takes care of the core of the work: a reliable, safe workplace for every employee.

Well-functioning IT services.
The basics of efficient business operations

Support your users

24/7 remote user-oriented support

Phone​ & Chat

Ticket system

Dedicated support channel

Multi language

Support your IT Department

Extra resources available



Workspace projects

On site support during projects

Support your Company

Implement, manage and support cloud solutions

Outsource your IT department

One-stop-shop IT supplier

Multi language​

Your IT shuts down. Do you have the people to get it running again?

What if your IT department is developing a new service for your business. Or is working on the preparation of a major update. When they are working on projects it takes always more time than you think. Then what?

What if your computer malfunctions? Your printer is not working? Or you can’t log in to the company network? And you are working from home or from a location at a customer? Then you need a dedicated team that supports the basic services of IT: those of the workplace.

Let Ampati take care of your IT Services. Reliable, 24/7 and cost efficient.

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